What I Learned Trying to Hack a 737

As part of work looking at avionics security, we reverse-engineered two Communication Management Units used on 737s, and they are engineered unlike any other embedded system I’ve seen. CMUs must be certified to a high Design Assurance Level, but airlines typically want to add custom airline operations applications. This talk explores how these seemingly incompatible requirements are met in two very different ways, and takes a deep dive into how the CMUs work.


Karl Koscher

Karl Koscher is a research scientist working at the University of Washington Security and Privacy Research Lab where he specializes in wireless and embedded systems security. He led the first team to demonstrate a complete remote compromise of a car over cellular, Bluetooth, and other channels.

Saturday Oct 31, 2020 - 12:30 PM CDT

Level 0, Aerospace Village

Aerospace Village

Moderate, Advanced