The Future of Security Automation is Collaborative

Security tools overwhelmingly favor expert users. If we want to grow and diversify our security teams to meet today’s challenges, and enable those teams to apply creativity and critical thinking at scale, we must focus on technology that helps humans and machines work together to amplify each other’s strengths. The future of security automation isn’t artificial. It’s collaborative.


Mark Orlando

Mark started his security career in 2001 as a Security Analyst, and since then has built, assessed, and managed security teams at the Pentagon, the White House, the Department of Energy, global Managed Security Service Providers, and numerous financial sector and Fortune 500 clients. Mark is constantly working on new projects to improve defensive security through automation and other short cut-y things so defenders can be more agile and creative. Today he is the CEO of Bionic, a company he co-founded to bring advanced “1%” secops capabilities to the 99%, and is an instructor for SANS SEC450 (Blue Team Fundamentals).

Friday Oct 30, 2020 - 02:45 PM CDT

Level 0, Blue Team Village