The Aerospace Village Badge Story

Have you thought about creating a badge? This is the story of the Aerospace Village Badge, from wild idea to napkin sketch, from prototype to a neat tool for receiving aircraft and satellite communications. Hear about triumphs, disasters, and lessons learned. You’ll learn about using Software Defined Radios with the badge to receive aircraft voice and data communications, too.


Dan Allen

Dan studied to become a Software Engineer at school and was trained by the Navy to become a Test Pilot. With more than 19 years in the aviation industry Dan has gained extensive knowledge ranging from operations to acquisition and testing and more recently has for the past 5 years been performing cyber security assessments of aviation systems. Specific areas of interest that he has worked on include the vulnerabilities associated with ADS-B, Supply Chain risk management and raising awareness to the need for operator training to both recognize and recover from cyber attacks. In his current role with DDS, Dan works to detect and mitigate the small UAS threat in and around protected areas. Additionally he was a key engineer in the Bricks in the Air hands on workshop that allowed people to learn about and appreciate the vulnerabilities present in the low level protocols common throughout avionics.

Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen is a Professor of Cyber at Capitol Technology University and owner of a cyber research firm, APS Global. He is a self-professed RF geek and owns far too many radios and HAK5 products.

Saturday Oct 31, 2020 - 03:30 PM CDT

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