Intruder Timing and Response Analysis + Q&A

Despite all of the bypass, lock picking and social engineering techniques you’ll learn at hacker cons, for highly secured facilities it is not realistic to avoid detection entirely: red team success is instead defined by whether the team can gain entry and carry out their tasks fast enough, before responding parties can catch up. Learn how to analyse timing of sensors, delays and response capability from the perspective of both a red team infiltrator, and a blue team responder.


Bill Graydon

Bill Graydon is a principal researcher at GGR Security, where he hacks everything from locks and alarms to critical infrastructure; this has given him some very fine-tuned skills for breaking stuff. He’s passionate about advancing the security field through research, teaching numerous courses, giving talks, and running DEF CON’s Lock Bypass Village. He’s received various degrees in computer engineering, security, and forensics and comes from a broad background of work experience in cyber security, software development, anti-money laundering, and infectious disease detection.

Saturday Oct 31, 2020 - 03:30 PM CDT

Level 0, Lock Bypass Village

Lock Bypass Village