Intro to EFBs: Hacker and Pilot Perspectives

Electronic Flight Bags have been a revolution in the cockpit but for those people who have no aviation experience you may ask “what are they?” and “what do they do?”. Follow us as we go through an introduction to EFBs with perspectives from a hacker and a pilot. We cover the different types, software and regulatory approvals. We finish off with some demos as well as the view and pertinent points from a commercial Captain/Pilot/Instructor.


Matt Gaffney

Matt is an aviation cybersecurity consultant at BSSI where he also holds the position of UK Managing Director. He started his cybersecurity career whilst serving in the British Army after being voluntold for an IT Security Officer course because he ‘has some experience with IT’. With more than 14 years experience across multiple industries from Military and Government to banking and aviation, Matt has mostly worked on the entry into service of e-Enabled aircraft at the operator (airline) level. Due to this, his focus is primarily on systems implemented by the operator and whose touchpoints are the Aircraft Information Systems Domain (AISD). His particular areas of interest are the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and ground systems.


Alex, Pilot – Instructor

Saturday Oct 31, 2020 - 10:00 AM CDT

Level 0, Aerospace Village

Aerospace Village

Beginner, Moderate, Advanced