Intro to Aerospace Village Tech Initiatives & How Much Damage Can You Do in (pico-) Space?

Gurney will be discussing Aerospace Village’s Technical Initiatives effort. The objective of this effort is to develop technical experiences in aerospace and cybersecurity that are accessible to the hacker and research community.

Sandy notes that increased private access to space brings potential risk
from non-state payloads. We look at threats and benefits available in
the ‘new space era’, focusing on the CubeSat form factor and how its
physical capabilities both opens up and constrains novel mission concepts.


Alex Antunes

Dr. Alex "Sandy" Antunes is a professor of astronautical engineering at Capitol Technology University. In addition to teaching online and on-ground classes, he mentors and manages undergraduat payload projects that are student conceived and student led, including the Cactus-1 CubeSat mission and two summers with Brazil's “Science without Borders” exchange program. His recent publications address open source satellite work, cheap deployable sensors, machine learning, and engineering education. In addition to scientific research on solar physics, X-ray binaries, and collisional remnants, he has written five "DIY" technical books for Make: on amateur space and machine learning topics. Prior work includes spacecraft science operations and astrophysics work at GSFC, solar physics at NRL under an NRC fellowship, and freelance science writing.


Gurney is a founder and current CTO/CHO of the Aerospace Village. He has 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry (commercial and defense) with 20 of those years in cybersecurity. He currently works as a Sr. Engineer at a large aerospace corporation with a concentration in offensive security.

Saturday Oct 31, 2020 - 01:30 PM CDT

Level 0, Aerospace Village

Aerospace Village