How to Rob a bank with a phone – VB

How to Rob a Bank over the phone
This talk will be 50% real audio from a social engineering engagement and 50% lessons learned from the call. During this call, I talk a VP at a bank into giving us full access to his computer, as well as facilities. At one point during the call, the AV triggers. This is an intense call with a ton of valuable lessons for any social engineer or defender looking to learn how to identify attacks.


Joshua Crumbaugh

Joshua Crumbaugh is one of the world’s leading human security experts and internationally-renowned ethical hacker. He is the Chief Hacker at PeopleSec and developer of the HumanSAMM Human Security Assurance Maturity Model. He’s an expert social engineer who has talked his way into bank vaults, fortune 500 data centers, US critical infrastructure facilities, and casino money cages. His experiences led him to endlessly research all aspects of human security. Through this research, he realized that cyber security was a human problem, not a technology problem. Joshua’s passion and life devotion are fixing the human cyber security problem.

Saturday Oct 31, 2020 - 04:15 PM CDT

Level 0, Red Team Village

Red Team


Briefing 1hr