Hacking Humans with Social Engineering

Today maximum of the cyber threats and cyber-attacks are done via the technique of Social Engineering. The recent massive global twitter hack was also done via Social Engineering. It is important to understand that how much ever expensive and secure the Antivirus and Firewall may be, it can be easily bypassed within seconds by just manipulating the human mind. In this talk, I would like to elaborate on how bad actors play with the human mind in order to compromise security. Social Engineering is not about making phishing links and sending to targets, its about how to convince the people on clicking on those links. With social engineering, security is just a myth and privacy is just an illusion. Social Engineering is evolving each day in such a way that just one wrong click by the person and the entire system is compromised. My talk will highlight on some most important concepts such as how hackers manuplate the users and exploit their system to compromise the security and privacy.


Urvesh Thakkar

I am Urvesh Thakkar and I am a Cyber Crime Investigator. I work as an Executive Security Researcher at Cyber Crime Helpline LLP. I am president and founder of the Anti Cyber Crime Society. I am also a Cyber Crime Intervention Officer by National Security Database. I have also worked with some prestigious organizations such as AICTE, ISAC, Infocious Infotech, Maharashtra Cyber. My areas of work are OSINT, Social Engineering, Digital Forensics, Exploitation and CyberPsychology. https://www.linkedin.com/in/urvesh-thakkar/

Saturday Oct 31, 2020 - 03:28 AM CDT

Level 0, SecArmy Village

SecArmy Village

Beginner, Moderate