External Threat Hunters are Red Teamers – VB

External Threat Hunters are Red Teamers
This briefing will introduce a relatively new concept in Threat Hunting by explaining how external threat hunters use similar techniques to Red teamers to create a repeatable hunting model through the use of an intermediary payload system to provide insight, awareness, and action.


Jorge Orchilles

Jorge Orchilles has been involved in Information Technology since 2001. He began his career as a network and system administrator for a small private high school. Realizing his passion for IT, he founded The Business Strategy Partners in 2002 providing consulting services to residential, small, and medium businesses. While gaining work experience, he was a very involved, full-time student in Florida International University (FIU). He founded the FIU MIS Club and was later contracted to work on the University's Active Directory Migration Project. After successful and on time completion of the project, he was employed by Terremark in 2007, a datacenter and cloud service provider acquired by Verizon. Jorge helped build and secure Terremark's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution first called Collocation 2.0 and then "The Enterprise Cloud" in 2008.

David Maynor

David has a long distinguished career as a security researcher. He can find new vulnerabilities or explain to developers how existing vulns can be used against them. Job wise he does reverse engineering, exploit discovery and development, source code audits, application and vulnerability assessments as well as penetration testing.  

Thursday Oct 29, 2020 - 11:15 AM CDT

Level 0, Red Team Village

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