Emerging IoT Exploitation Across Power Infrastructure, Healthcare, and Finance Systems

Cybercriminals can infiltrate organizational systems; thus, there is no one size fit all for IoT solutions. Currently, businesses lack sufficient operational cybersecurity principles to successfully mitigate unpredictable IoT cyberattacks on a fluid cyber landscape. New emergent cybersecurity technologies are being developed and researched; however, steps must be taken to ensure that security process are appropriately verified. Such that, addressing effectiveness and stability factors that directly provide power infrastructure, healthcare, and financial systems standardization and protection of IoT systems. Security professionals must transcend current IoT paradigm challenges consisting of old anti-coagulated legacy IoT devices causing barriers that must be infused with new and emergent solutions. It is imperative that as a nation we do our part to protect protect our digital IoT footprint to mitigate vulnerabilities and establish authentic strategies to dynamically detect compromised devices from exploitation.


Marcae Bryant-Omosor

Mrs. Marcaѐ Bryant-Omosor is a Full Stack Software Developer in the San Antonio community and active on numerous community boards. She a strong supporter of community engagement and promote youth STEM efforts through mentorship and advisory connections. Marcaѐ is a native Floridan from City of Saint Petersburg.She is a mother of three children and raised them as a single parent and knows intimately the challenges and pitfalls. She is a graduate and alumni of University of Arkansas Little Rock where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Also, she recently graduated from Saint Leo University where she completed her Master of Science in Cybersecurity. Her educational journey led her to pursue a doctoral degree in Cyber Operations at Dakota State University. Although her educational resume looks impressive, she made numerous adjustments and career pivots along the way.After ending a 10-year career in the USAF, it was time to transition into a new career from Military Intelligence Analyst. Marcaѐ has spent a total of 20 years of experience in Information Technology (I.T.) Operations industry in a number of roles encompassing System Administrator, Network Technician, Acting Director of IT, and Adjunct Professor. Each role she had to learn the role, become the expert, and train incoming personnel. She had to leave the military due to her new status of becoming a single parent. Having three young children and quickly becoming the solebreadwinner for the family proved to be quite challenging. Marcaѐ worked as an online Adjunct Professor to provide flexibility to attend cheerleading functions, football games, and band performances to be there now for her children. This worked great for over 10 years. However, as the children grew older and graduation was approaching quickly it was time to re-enter into the onsite workplace. The climb out of this space took some time and maneuvering. This time Marcaѐ decided to take a different approach and select the employer first. This approached worked. She is currently employed as a Software Developer and has plans for her next career pivot into the cybersecurity space.

Within the community, Marcaѐ actively advocates for disadvantaged youths, enhanced youth STEM programs, local cybersecurity awareness programs, and is a change-agent protector of our national security threat landscape. Lastly, Marcaѐ strives to establish herself as an: enthusiastic scholar, avid educator, passionate mentor, and spirited IT cybersecurity professional. She plans to conduct research in educational leadership, cybersecurity education effectiveness, STEM equity-driven pipeline, and women leaders of tomorrow. She is a youth mentor with Cyber [email protected] Ft Sam Houston HS, Cyber POD [email protected] CAST HS, and [email protected] HS.Marcaѐ was featured as “Google’s Silicon Valley Women of Cybersecurity” [https://medium.com/@WomenOfSiliconValley], BrightTalk Episode 104: How to Prevent Machine Learning [https://lnkd.in/ePqhzp4], CRA-W Grad Cohort for URMD 2020, Leadership SAISD Cohort 2020.

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