Defending the Impossible v2.0

Defending the Impossible – especially in the ever changing healthcare and biomedical environment can be a challenge, especially with a workflow that has a patient at the beginning and end.


Nina Alli

First and foremost I am a guru of trivial knowledge. For exercise I run from rabid dogs, wrestle alligators while simultaneously participating in eating contests, and running for public office. For fun, I drive with my eyes open, play hopscotch in the rain, race big wheels, Have staring contests with wolverines, and pass out band aids to gunshot victims. My favorite word is "interesting", since it has multiple meanings and all appear positive on the surface. Nina Alli has been in the medical and bioinformatics game for a while…and has worked on various medical projects.

Saturday Oct 31, 2020 - 01:00 PM CDT

Level 0, Bio Hacking Village

Bio Hacking Village