SOHOpelessley Broken CTF


In this 3 time DEF CON Black Badge CTF players compete against one another by exploiting off-the-shelf IoT devices. These 20+ devices all have known vulnerabilities, but to successfully exploit these devices requires lateral thinking, knowledge of networking, and competency in exploit development. CTFs are a great experience to learn more about security and test your skills, so join up in a team (or even by yourself) and compete for fun and prizes! Exploit as many as you can during the con and the top three teams will be rewarded.


  • Village: IoT Village
  • Contest Type: CTF
  • Twitter: @iotvillage
  • Maximum Participants: 250
  • Pre-Conference Sign-Up: Yes
  • Days Active:
    • 10/29 (11am-7pm EDT)
    • 10/30 (11am-7pm EDT)
    • 10/31 (11am-7pm EDT)
  • Participant Type:
    • Teams
  • Participant Skill Level:
    • Beginner
    • Moderate
    • Expert
  • Prizes: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place
  • Requirements:
    • It is required that contestants can use OpenVPN.
    • It is recommended that contestants have access to a Kali installation.