Mission Alenium CTF


The Convergence of Space and Cybersecurity is here! The goal of this immersive, two-part challenge is to expose beginner-level participants to Space Networks, Cybersecurity, Satellites, IoT devices and Digital Forensics Analysis through a gamified satellite cybercrime scenario.

The first part includes a series of five online 3D “escape rooms” which each simulate different locations that contain important evidence. After all the information is collected, participants enter the second phase of the challenge and begin conducting forensic analysis.

Participants will respond to a fictional storyline where the flight control system of a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is compromised. Due to the hack, the rocket and its accompanying satellite crash before reaching orbit. The software payload survives the crash and is sufficiently intact for digital forensic analysis. The participants act as cybersecurity digital forensics analysts, attempting to find out how and why the system was hacked and by whom.


  • Village: The Aerospace Village
  • Contest Type: CTF
  • Twitter: @secureaerospace
  • Maximum Participants: 1000
  • Pre-Conference Sign-Up: Yes
  • Days Active:
    • 10/30 (9am – 3pm CDT)
  • Participant Type:
    • Individuals
  • Participant Skill Level:
    • Beginner
  • Requirements:
    • Internet access