Hospital Under Siege CTF


You’ve been asked to help St. Elvis Health investigate a potential security incident. To defend the hospital you’ll have to learn healthcare lingo, research medical device protocols, and use other skills racing against a potential adversary to protect not just patient data but their very lives.


  • Village: Biohacking Village
  • Contest Type: CTF
  • Twitter: @dc_bhv
  • Maximum Participants: 250
  • Pre-Conference Sign-Up: No
  • Days Active:
    • 10/30
  • Participant Type:
    • Individual
    • Teams
  • Participant Skill Level:
    • Beginner
    • Moderate
  • Prizes: Players will learn new skills and gain insights, regardless of their technical capabilities.
  • Requirements:
    • Players can get started with just a web browser.
    • To finish all the challenges players will want to bring network and disk forensics tools and a curious mind.